It’s no lie that a lot of people are desperate to be in a committed relationship. The security, the love, the companionship. We get it. It seems ideal…..right?


But wait! We seem to forget that being in a relationship can sometimes be worse than being single! All the extra baggage that comes along with being fully committed to another human being. The insecurity, the jealousy, the need to make a fake Facebook profile and catfish him into cheating….all that escalates quickly.

Enough is enough, ladies. It’s time to embrace singledom in all of its glory. It’s time to remind ourselves why being single is AWESOME! And much better than staying in a crappy relationship. Let’s discuss.

You Get to Do Whatever the Eff You Want

Do you want to sit on the couch and watch every episode of New Girl you Tivo’d with a bottle…or two….of Malbec? Do you want to get a tattoo of a mockingbird playing the harmonica in a bikini? Do you want to go out with your girlfriends until 3 in the morning and walk down the sidewalk out of the club like this?

Guess what, girl? You can. Being single allows you the freedom to do whatever you want. Freedom being the operable word.

No Check Ins

Hand in hand with the above-mentioned, being single reminds you that you don’t need to give your guy a play-by-play update on what you’re doing. If you want to do your own thing without needing to check in…

You Save a Ton of Money

This is especially true around the holidays. All the money that you earn from working hard gets to go directly back to YOU. Save that extra cash that you would’ve spent buying him some Agua Bendita men’s swimwear and buy that Agua Bendita Bendito Leon for yourself instead. Or you could just fan yourself whenever you get hot. That’s always fun.

More Free Time For Friends

Being single allows you to have all the time in the world to spend doing whatever you want. Normally, this includes spending an abundance of time with your friends. Remember why you chose them as your friends in the first place, because they freaking rule. Like when you send out that text saying, “what’s up for tonight?” and they show up at your house like…

Work on YOU

Remember all of those things you had time to do before you had a boyfriend? All those things that make you a better version of yourself? Well being single lets you do them. Make a list of things you want to work on or finally complete. Take up knitting. Learn to ride a motorcycle. Buy a puppy and a matching mini puppy couch…


No Jealousy

Just because a guy talks to you at a bar or you get a Happy Birthday text from an ex, guess what the world isn’t over! Not to mention you don’t need to go crazy every time his cell phone goes off. You know what we’re talking about. When you hear his text tone, and you’re all like, “who’s texting you?! The only person you chill with is right here!”

Being Queen of Your Domain

You can decorate whatever way you choose. You can come home from work and **GASP** your house is exactly how you left it! You wanna come home and slap some comfy clothes on and hibernate, go on with it. You’re the queen of your casa.

Starfish Sleeping

Being single means you can sleep like a starfish, an asterisk, or a person jumping out of a plane. Take up the entire bed. No worries about sharing covers, or getting kicked in your sleep. You want to roll over to the cold side of the bed? Boom, it’s yours.



When you’re single, you have the luxury of making your career your number one priority. You can focus all of your energy on work and not have any complaints about where you’ve been or why you want to grow in your field.


Single Girl Dinners

Are you super tired and all you want to do is just go home and have a bowl of cereal or that last leftover slice of pizza, not even reheated, because you just don’t feel like cooking whatsoever?

Guess what, you’re single. Single girl dinners are all the rage. Eat at your own will. Like this guy:


Probably our favorite part of being single — meeting new people! You get to date a ton of people and enjoy new personalities and characteristics and, sometimes, free meals. You can literally walk into a bar and at all the good lookin’ dudes, go:

and they’ll be all like

Keeping  a Routine

Being single means no limitations on your time. You have a routine that you follow, and nobody can break that. Hell, go to the gym twice a day if you want to. Nobody can stop you.

Save the Heartbreak

Being single means you don’t need to go through all the heartbreak BS. You don’t have to deal with the drama and baggage that many relationships bring. So, while your friends all cry to you about why their relationships suck, you can literally hand them a tissue and then sit back and enjoy…

Here’s to the single ladies.



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