I love to see the L*Space Swimwear models prance around in the 2013 bikinis. We are excited to share the exclusive behind the scenes video for the 2013 L*space swimwear collection. The images we share on our website with you are straight from this video. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

I’m probably one of L*Space’s number one fans, so it’s hard for me to choose ONE great bikini from their video, so instead I’m going to choose my favorite style and my favorite bikini.

My favorite L*Space style is their newest design on their halter and bandeau tops that has laser-cut detailing on the ruffle. It’s a style that looks good in any color and on any body. It also touches on the newest 2013 swimwear trend: ruffles! Ruffles are so feminine and gorgeous I’m happy to see it exploding in the swimwear world.

My favorite L*Space bikini is the bandeau top and bottom with their new floral print for 2013: Sweet Meadow. It is so unbelievably lovely. This print will look great on any skin color. If you are into soft floral prints that aren’t too over powering, this is a swimsuit you should keep your eye on when it makes it’s debut in December.

To view the rest of L*Space’s behind the scenes video, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzzyoUmq-OM&list=UUBcmNDqmmjItdpcGeaq7Rvg


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