Check it out, everyone. As a society, we’re always looking for a deal. Whether it’s a free coffee from McDonalds, or a 10% coupon code on your latest high waisted bikini, getting a bargain is an immediate mood booster. I’m sure you know what I mean. When you’re buying something, maybe it’s a bit out of your price range, and you get to the register and it scans and is significantly cheaper than you originally thought? Part of you wants to jump up and down, and the other part wants to pay and run out of there because surely it’s a mistake.

We love a good bargain. Clearance items galore. So in case you didn’t know, here at Orchid Boutique, we have a HUGE selection of discounted items. Our collection of bathing suits from 2013 will surely woo you into a bargain euphoria. We’ve chosen some of our favorite deals from our 2013 swimwear collections and we’re ready to share with you those cheap designer bikinis that you love.

Keep your credit cards close, because most of these deals are no longer in production!

AguaClara Vaquera Fringe Bikini

This bikini is literally 50% off it’s original price. 50%!!! And who doesn’t love fringe, by the way? This 2013 gem features removable padding in the triangle top, and a Brazilian bottom. Pink lovers unite.

Maui Ever After


Sold as a set, this two piece halter style bikini has some kick ass embroidery detail that you can’t find in just any swimsuit. Maui tends to run true to size, so check out of size chart to see if this little gem is the right fit for you. At 50% off this designer deal, you can’t get any better than that.

Vitamin A Aztec One Piece


Shop this Vitamin A style and get 20% off your purchase price. The Aztec designs and triangle top makes this one piece a stylish steal for the upcoming summer season. Think you’re already getting the better deal off the price alone? Think again. This one piece REVERSES into an all black swimsuit as well! So that’s basically two swimsuits for the discounted price of one. Sounds like a dream.

Maio Azure Stripe Midkini


Before the “high waisted” trend hit, these bikinis were dubbed midkinis. Check out this “midkini” from Maio which is on sale for 40% off the purchase price. The strapless bandeau top provides underwire support and the bottom provides moderate to full coverage at the rear. With a vintage high waist and removable top straps, this is a deal in versatility.

Shop the rest of our 2013 bikinis today!

Ana Lopez

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