2019 Top Two Piece Swimsuits Guide

The first thing we need to keep in mind when upgrading our two piece summer wardrobe is that there’s no a universal bikini style that will suit every body type.  Each swimsuit is carefully designed and created to highlight the best assets of different female silhouettes. Finding the right two piece bikini can sometimes get very frustrating and exhausting, and who wouldn’t love some expert tips and guidance to bring us one step closer to that desired beach bombshell look.  If you are not sure which bikini design is the best for your shape, our list of top two piece swimsuit styles will help you get a sense of what you should be looking for, and most importantly, rock your bathing suit with confidence! So, let’s get started. 

Triangle Tops

The classic and timeless triangle bikini top style is the ideal opt for pear-shaped ladies, who are smaller up top and have wider hips. If you fall into this silhouette category, you need to keep an eye on how to draw the attention to your upper body part, and such a two piece bathing suit style can give you more proportional curves. Scroll through our favorite triangle tops for a fabulous and flattering summer look!

1. MAYLANA Eloise Black Top

This black two piece bathing suit features ruffles along the shoulders and additional removable padding. Pear-shaped women and also those who want to create the illusion of a longer torso, can pair it with a high cut two piece bathing suit and show off their best assets.

2. MAYLANA Willa Navy Beige Top

The Willa features a beautiful triangle and color block style and is also padded. Spoon and triangle body shaped women can embrace these buys by combining them with two piece bikinis with brazilian coverage.

 3. MALAI  Blossom Lilas Mawson Triangle Top

Triangle two piece bathing suits with floral patterns, such as the Blossom Lilas, will take all the attention upward, making it a perfect alternative to minimize bottom half curves.


Halter Tops

Halter tops suit best on ladies with inverted triangle figures, those with a bigger bust and wider shoulders. Bikini tops that star a halter style will provide enough coverage to keep what our momma gave us in place! And also, to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.  Let’s take a look at our top halter two piece swimsuits.

1. MAYLANA Hannah Mustard Top

This designer two piece provides an adjustable corset at back and a sporty and fun look. The solid fabric won’t overwhelm your upper half body part and will allow you to make a major statement for your poolside weekend.

 2. TOUCHÉ Nikau Halter Top

The Nikau top ties at back and neck and features thick bands that offer the support all inverted triangle body shaped women look for. The V-neckline this halter top provides is the absolute best to accentuate your assets.

 3. TOUCHÉ Pomegranate Halter Top

This Touché two piece bikini features a decorative knot at front, an underwire design, and a colorful tropical print. The combination of the halter and underwire top swimsuit styles will highlight and enhance the voluminous upper body edge of a cornet body shape.


Bandeau Tops

Bandeau or strapless swimsuits are best for women with a smaller bust, those that have a rectangle or pear-shaped figure. Rectangular silhouettes do not have a well-defined waist, but they are characterized by their broad shoulders and hips, so, if you enter into this definition, a bandeau two piece bikini will be your best friend. To glam up your look with the latest swimwear trends, check out our top bandeau two piece bikinis!

1. MAYLANA Shary Navy Top

Bandeau tops, such as the Shary, are made to flatter ladies that are smaller on top and don’t need much support.  This designer two piece swimsuit includes pads and a ruched detail at front, and ties at back.

 2. TOUCHÉ Nikau Bandeau Top

What rectangle silhouettes should look for to create an illusion of a curvier shape is this bandeau top embellished with ruffles. This kind of two piece bathing suit is always a good idea to flaunt what we’ve got.

3. ONDADEMAR Monteverde Bandeau Top

Don’t be afraid to rock a nice bandeau two piece bikini top, you won’t be in danger of a wardrobe malfunction with the additional straps that the Monteverde provides. What’s better is that its colorful print will help accentuate the bust part, allowing you to play up with your best assets.


String Bottoms

Tie-side or string two piece bikinis accentuate the widest parts of a curvy or hourglass shapes. Since they are adjustable, they provide the perfect support and bring out the best of these female figures. To make online shopping a more soothing experience, scroll through our favorite string bottoms.

1. MAYLANA Ausland Navy Bottom

The Ausland Navy is a string bikini with thicker sides that strategically creates the appearance of a more flaunting frame.

 2. AGUA BENDITA Bendito Mayura Alegria Bottom

What we love the most about this floral tie-side two piece bikini bottoms is that it adjusts perfectly to the size and that the colorful print will make sure all eyes are on you.

 3. TOUCHÉ Flava Side Tie Bottom

There’s no doubt that string pieces are one hell of a sexy addition to our wardrobe. This beautiful swimwear piece provides the perfect coverage to help smooth the widest parts of these shapes.  

Brazilian Bottoms

Brazilian two piece bikinis flatter almost every body type, but the balanced effect they have on athletic or straight bodies, those with muscular legs and narrower hips, is really beautiful and eye-catching.  Bottoms with less coverage, such as the following, can give you a feminine yet sexy touch.

1. MAYLANA Rio Black Bottom

For silhouettes that lack curves, this black two piece bikini bottom is the best alternative to give an appearance of a more defined waist. The high cut style and the black fabric will prevent the eye from focusing on less curvy areas.

 2. MAYLANA Teeny Red Poppies Bottom

The key to enhance straight figures is emphasizing the bottom half with a bright colored two piece brazilian swimsuit like the Teeny Red Poppies. This designer piece is also reversible and seamless.

3. AGUA BENDITA Bendito Wisteria Palette Lola Bottom

A ruched two piece swimsuit with brazilian coverage will add interest and detailing that can help balance the proportions of athletic shapes. The Wisteria Palette is the best bet for ladies that fall into this category.


The trick to creating the appearance of a longer torso is to wear hipster's bottoms. They will ensure you display your hard earned abs and provide the lift you need. Find the most gorgeous and flattering hipster-boyshorts here:

1. VITAMIN A Rumba Dots B&W Bonita Bottom

This two piece design from the brand new collection of Vitamin A will add the few inches you want for your beachside holiday and also a decent coverage.


 2. AGUA BENDITA Bendito Cobra Audrey Bottom

For a more conservative opt, take the Cobra Audrey home! This two piece bikini bottom features an animal print and a low-rise style that will place more emphasis on your torso.

 3. MALAI Naval Ruched Bottom

If having a short torso brings your confidence down, with the Malai Naval you won’t need to worry anymore. This low-rise bikini bottom with a scrunch but style and a moderate rear will flaunt your sexy body!


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