As you may or may not know… yesterday was Ryan Gosling’s 32nd birthday. With Monday such a crazy day here at Orchid Boutique, I wasn’t able to take the time to wish him a great year. With all he has done for me in the past, I really am ashamed. Which is why today I shall… mend the fence, as they say.


Here are, the 32 reasons why RYAN GOSLING’S 32nd birthday should not go overlooked.


1. He’s like a cute little professor in those glasses.

2. Those. Dreamy. Eyes.

3. He wears driving gloves like anyone who’s anyone!

4. His pooch is his best friend.

5. Well, technically… this is 6 reasons. But hey, they are so worth it!

6. One word: JAWLINE.

7. He helps his biffle up the escalator (my pup is afraid of the moving stairs too, I get it I love you!)

8. Um… he looks amazing in a tux! I can’t help but hear wedding bells *blush*

9. He gets shy when he laughs, and still looks cute!

10. Dum, dum, da, dum… dum, dum, da, dum <3

11. “Seriously? It’s like he’s photoshopped!”

12. He’s good with kids

13. Honey, I’m home!

14. He gets silly sometimes.

15. He’s so dapper!

16. He rolls out of the bed looking like that!

17. He channels Don Drapper <3

18. He smirks and my heart skips a beat.

19. He makes friends easily. Color and species does not phase him!

20. Need I say more?

21. Oh, hey there

22. He looks great all disheveled.

23. He’s super peaceful in that soft light.

24. Sometimes he’s sad.

25. Sometimes he’s happy!

26. He’s always willing to help out a friend in need

27. He really has no imperfections.

28. That hair.


30. He’s always been a cutie!

31. Glasses again? I melt!

32. He’s clearly awesome. Happy Birthday, Ry <3



Oh, and one more for good luck

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