We know shopping for a swimsuit can sometimes be a challenging task…real women have curves, people! Because of that fact, we are all about bringing expert swimwear advice to you. Swimsuit shopping should always be fun, never stressful. Back in March, we gave you special tips on how to choose the right swimsuit size when making an online purchase. Now, we’re going to give you great tips so you’ll never be the unfortunate soul on the beach who’s wearing a swimsuit that isn’t the best for her.

People Magazine’s May Style Watch touched on 5 ‘swimsuit checks’ everyone should do in the dressing room. To avoid a lot of trips in and out of the dressing room in just your skivvies, bring a couple of different sizes with you.

The Must-Have Check List:

Step One

Whether the suit is strapless or not, raise and lower your arms to make sure it stays put and covers the goods correctly. If you’re the life of the pool party, do this step rapidly.

Step Two

Once you’ve made sure the top isn’t going anywhere, lean forward and adjust your chest to ensure a comfortable, no-gap fit.

Step Three

Staying on the fit of the top, check the closure in the back and make sure it is a snug fit, not a tight fit. There is a big difference in look and feel if the top is tied too tight.

Step Four

This is a very important step that will make or break your swimsuit. Put on the bottom, and make sure there is no skin spilling over the strings around the waist. If there’s some spillage, go one size up! You’ll thank us later.

Step Five

Staying on the fit for the booty, if the bottom does any sagging or wrinkling, it is too big. In that case, go a size down. Answer us this: who likes a saggy butt? Yup, we know.


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