The warm summer weather has everyone thinking about vacation. I know I have been! Sometimes people want a tropical vacation, while others are looking for an exotic adventure. Whichever you choose, you want to go to the right place that will give you the best experience. Here are my top 5 islands that I think everyone should vacation to at one point in their life.

1. Sri Lanka, Asia

This place has the qualities of three vacations all wrapped up into one. You want a little history? Sri Lanka has a number of ancient cities that date back to 4th century BC. You can visit temples, palaces, monasteries, beautiful stone carvings and many more extensive ruins. You want to see the water? Sri Lanka has gorgeous beaches surrounded by the Indian Ocean and provide fun water activities. You want to see wild animals? You can on a safari ride in Sri Lanka or visit their elephant orphanage.

2. Santorini, Greece

Greece isn’t just about the handsome men, though that’s definitely an important factor! This city also has an ancient side as well as a tropical side. If you find volcanoes as amazing as I do, you’d love to see their volcanic ash- preserved town of ancient Akrotiri. People were asked to permanently evacuate the town because of constant earthquakes, and soon after a volcanic eruption covered the entire town. As far as the gorgeous Greek men, grab their attention in your bikini at one of the many surrounding beaches. [Sigh.]

3. Madagascar, Africa

If you’re a wildlife lover, Madagascar is the place for you. This city has the widest range of diverse wildlife.  Some of the wild creatures you might see are a variety of lemurs, bright chameleons and odd looking insects. When you’re on an adventurous safari ride, don’t miss the gorgeous landscapes and history. Don’t worry, they also have amazing beaches for you to relax at.

4. Maui, Hawaii

Maui is considered the ‘Magic Isle’ of Hawaii. This is city is famous for destination weddings, so if you’re thinking of stepping out of the traditional wedding box, this is where you should do it. If you’re not tying the knot, Maui also has a cultural and environment flavor that will keep the trip interesting. Of course, it’ll probably be the perfect opportunity for you to finally learn how to surf. Channel your inner ‘Blue Crush’ during this vacation.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is another destination with the relaxation of beautiful white beaches and the adventure of the jungle. You can hike the summit of Mount Batur, one of their active volcanoes, and soothe your nerves with the breathtaking view. After you survive the volcano climb, relax on their unique beaches. Tanjung Benoa, for example, was originally created for a fishing village and has a beautiful mangrove that twists along the water.


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