Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the season’s trends because there are just way too many. We want to make being in style that much easier for you. Here is a list the 5 things you must-have in your closet to successfully survive this spring and summer.

1. A Floral Scent

If you’re sick of the same floral tank top you’ve worn at this time every year, maybe retire it this year and go for a floral scent instead. You’re still staying true to spring’s nature theme, while mixing things up. Also, the best part about a perfume is that it never goes out of style. You can wear it every day for the rest of the year if your heart desires. Finally, no one can judge you for repeating!

Our top pick for this season’s floral scent is Coach Poppy Flower. This perfume has a very soft scent, but still potent enough for others to get a whiff. It also has a sweet touch to it, so it stays away from that potpourri scent. Save the potpourri for your grandma, will ya?

2. Powder Pink Lipstick

This trend is back from the 80s and probably one of the only 80s trends we welcome with open arms. Powder pink lips are the easiest way to dress up a simple outfit. We know red lips are hard to master because you have to find the right shade of red for your skin tone. And even when you do, red just might not be your color. Well, those days are over. This shade of pink truly looks good on everyone, and the best part is: there is only one shade of powder pink! Once you find it in the store, you might as well buy two because you’re going to become addicted to this look. If you’re not a makeup pro, have no fear. Say hello to the easiest trendy face you’ll ever come across.

3. Color- blocking

Color-blocking can be done so many ways. You can buy a great pair of shoes that have a multi-colored wedge, a color-blocked top that’s either cropped or flowy or your entire outfit can be composed of bright color pops, each color playing off of the other. If you go for the multi-colored wedge, we’d suggest choosing colors that coordinate with your closet. That way, you get a lot of use out of them before they get stored away for the next open-toed season. For the color-blocked top, or even bottom, it’s probably best to apply the same rule. Always think of your closet, ladies!

Our favorite way to color-block is with a cohesive colorful outfit from head to toe. This trend is a fun one, however you choose to do it. Just don’t color-block your hair. That’s not fun at all…

4. Chocker Necklace

We touched on this trend in our gold accents blog because all of the celebrities are wearing choker necklaces. From long ones to short ones, chokers a very easy way to dress up an outfit. Whether you’re going to work or happy hour, it is the perfect accessory. We love that they come in a million different colors. If you’re more into staying within the classic realm of jewelry, we’d suggest a metallic. However, if you like to get a little risky with your fashion, definitely jump on a chocker that has colored accents. Again, don’t forget our rule about buying with your closet in mind.

5. Loose waves

Loose waves, how we love thee. They are great for a beach day, a night out, a special occasion, dressing up a casual look, basically everything. And they are very easy to do. The easiest way to get loose waves is giving your hair a quick blow dry and using hot rollers. First, part your hair into sections. Once you’ve parted your first section (not too thick or too thin), start putting those hot rollers in. 2-3 hot rollers per section will give a good, high-volume look.


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