If you live in the fashion world (or anywhere near it) you are very aware that this weekend is a BIG DEAL for Miami and fashion and people who love Miami and fashion. Ah, yes.  Swimweek 2015:  A time for vendors, buyers, and aficionados across the world to gather and discuss what we all know and love so much: designer swimwear. We are, of course, super pumped and we’ve given you 5 reasons why you can join us in our wide-eyed revelry.

Reason #5 – It’s local


Now, we don’t like to brag, but this amazing annual event happens right here in our backyard.  (Like literally, right up the street from us.) We’re basically here all year waiting for the rest of you to show up and celebrate the awesomeness of swimwear and resort wear.

Reason #4 – Mixing and Mingling

leann rimes fixed

Swimweek in Miami is no small function and attendance will guarantee the sighting of celebrities, fashion designers, and all manner of instagram-famous models and bloggers.  See?  Leann Rimes later said she really enjoyed the Luli Fama show during Swimweek 2014…even though her facial expression would suggest otherwise.


Reason #3 – New Brands

Indah - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015

Every year one of the most exciting parts of the whole Swimweek experience is getting the first look at all the up-and-coming new brands and new designers on the market. There is no shortage of excellent swimwear and resort wear designers already in existence (trust us, we know all about them), but there is always room for the new fresh thinkers in the swim fashion world.

Reason #2 – Events/Parties/Shenanigans

runway shenanigans

Let’s be honest, the majority of Swimweek attendants are really here because it’s one giant party.  And who doesn’t love to fly to paradise and hang out by the pool all afternoon then move it to break-down-central in the basement club of a 5-star beach hotel?  Sounds like pretty darn good weekend plans to me.  BONUS: Sometimes the designers themselves like to show up at these after-parties and cocktail soirees, so if you’re lucky enough to get an invite, you’re likely to rub elbows with the big leagues. (Plus, you get a chance to let loose after all those intense runway shows and trade show shopping.)

Reason #1 – Runway Shows (obvs)


beach bunny runway

My all-time, ultimate, most favorit-est thing about Swimweek are the runway shows.  DUH.  Not only are they high-energy, club-music-pumping, beautiful-women-prancing, bright-lights-flashing spectacles to behold, but they are also the first chance at seeing the newest creations from the designer.  Of course, they are putting their best foot forward in the limelight, so you’re going to see some pretty spectacular things.  All I can say is: GET READY.

So, with that said, we’ll see you this weekend!  We’ll be the starry-eyed ones in the front row.  

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