7 Superfoods to get your Body Bikini Ready

Spring break is around the corner and we all want to be in shape to look our best in our bikinis. After all the holiday binge eating, I’m terrified of even going near the scale. One thing I know is that the best step towards starting a healthy lifestyle is changing your diet. If the saying “you are what you eat” is true then I’m definitely not a fruit or a veggie, I would be more of a burger or fries LOL. After some insightful research I discovered that there is a select group of foods that are extremely beneficial to your body and help burn fat. So I’ve rounded up the best foods to start a healthy kick and get fit and fabulous for all the new arrivals coming this spring.


Fish and Nuts
If you haven’t heard about the benefits of fish then you’ve been hiding in a cave. Fish are rich in omega 3 which is good for your heart, and since they are proteins they make you feel full for a longer time. The digestion of protein burns more calories than the digestion of carbs or fats so that’s a plus. Go nuts with nuts! Nuts have the same filling effect as fish and they help burn tummy fat. Stay clear of nuts with high sodium because they are harmful for your heart pressure. I would recommend these foods if you’re looking forward to wearing a two piece, no more hiding the belly!



Fruit and Veggies
It’s no surprise that fruits and veggies made it to the list, but if you still haven’t added them to your daily diet maybe this will convince you. Low calorie and low fat foods like fruits and veggies will help you lose fat on your behind. If you have a sweet tooth fruits help you satisfy your cravings and they don’t contain the processed sugars that sweets do. For veggies, green and leafy is your best choice, add some broccoli, spinach and kale to your daily diet. The fiber in veggies will help improve your digestion; you will not only look better but also feel better. This spring break will be the perfect time to be more daring and go for that Brazilian bottom where you can show your bum.


It not only tastes amazing but it also health y for you! That a rare combination isn’t it? No wonder why people are going crazy over avocado these days. Helps to satisfy your hunger as well as boost your digestion with its fiber content. My personal favorite dish is a good old guacamole although I must say that to keep it healthy I stay away from the chips, stick to whole wheat bread or whole grain tacos for your preparations.



Avocado, beans, sounds like were getting into a Mexican theme here. I can’t deny the fact that I love Mexican food but coincidentally these foods are good for you! I’ve been obsessed with beans for the longest time ever, their super easy to prepare and they’re packed with protein and fiber which we’ve already raved about in the previous superfoods. If you want to get in touch with your inner vegetarian, replace meats for beans one day a week. You’ll cut a lot of the fats of meat and replace it with fiber.





There’s an egg obsession going around social media, and poached eggs have become all the hype. I personally like them in any preparation but a nice boiled egg is an excellent option at breakfast, lunch or even dinner you can pair it with a bread toast a salad or just on its own. They actually help metabolize fat, isn’t that what every girl wants? If you’re thinking about showing off your belly or your booty on spring break, stay away from those bagels and stick to eggs for breakfast.


Ana Lopez

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