Detoxify your body through your feet!  Lose 10 pounds in two days!   A vacuum that cuts your hair!  We’ve all seen the late night commercials.  We’ve all seen the goofy product demonstrations and the promised results.  Check out these 8 beauty products from over the years and judge for yourself.

ProActive Solution

This acne treatment system has been promoted by celebrities including Jessica Simpson, tennis star Serena Williams, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Puff Daddy.  It’s hard to avoid ProActive if you watch late night TV!


This vacuum haircutting system was all over television from 1990 to 1992.  If not for Hurricane Andrew destroying their Florida factory, we may all be getting Flowbee cuts today!  Looks like fun!

Ped Egg

This egg-shaped home pedicure device is still relatively new, and is part fascinating and part “huh?”.  138 micro files remove dead skin and calluses from the feet.  Look at those shavings going into the garbage!

Kinoki Foot Pads

She’s so peaceful!  Commercials for these detoxifying foot pads show subjects applying the white adhesive pads before bed, and waking up in the morning to peel a brown pad of the bottom of their feet.  Gross!  Claiming to pull harmful toxins out of the body, Kinoki has been debunked by many.  But the commercial is still a classic.  By the way, who sleeps with the light on and their feet out the end of the covers??


A huge player in the hair removal market, Nair has been around for a long time.  An alternative to waxing, Nair works by dissolving the bonds of hair so that it can easily be wiped away.  Do NOT mix Nair with the Flowbee.  Trust us.

Hollywood Smiles

This combination of whitening gel and LED Plasma Whitening Light nearly blinded us the first time we saw the commercial!  While we haven’t used it ourselves, the folks on the commercial sure look happy with their excessively white teeth.

Topsy Tail

This silly little contraption creates an interesting looking inverted pony tail.  We still can’t see how it’s any better than a normal pony tail though…

Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet

Losing 10 pounds in 2 days doesn’t sound very fun to us, but that’s the claim for this little bottle of who-knows-what!  Note:  this is all you get to consume for 48 hours.  Pizza anyone?


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