Greenpacha hats were created to help build a greener and better world through conscientious fashion. They believe that fashion is an artistic form of expressions that must include quality items that are themselves derived from art and beauty. Pacha means “times” in the Inca language, so Greenpacha stands for green times. Greenpacha is driven to make the fashion industry more ethical by bringing its own style to the Panama hat tradition with a creative and respectful approach. Their inspirations include love for nature, mankind, traveling, surf, art, adventure and healthy ways of living.

Each of the Greenpacha products differentiate in color combinations, unique accessories, as well as creative inspirations. All of their hates are handcrafted and finished in Latin American with techniques that do not harm our planet or workers. Their weavers and hat finishers in Ecuador are artists whose craft has been passed down for generations. They see a future where the planet and artisans thrive together.

How They are Weaved

The hats are hand woven and the straw that is used comes from a palm that only grows in Ecuador. This special palm is called toquilla. The process begins when the toquilla palm leaves are carefully selected and cut leaf by leaf. The leaves are then boiled until they reach a soft texture and the chlorophyll evaporates, turning the leaves to a beige color, like straw. The last step is to allow the toquilla straw to dry under the sun. Once they are dry, the weavers begin their weaving.

The traditional weaving takes up to three days, while finer weaving techniques require more extensive work and can take up to four months to finish a single piece! After the weaving process, the next step is to shape each hat with molds that are under in manual presses. To achieve the well-known softness, hat makers work on hammering each piece either manually or by using older machines. The last step is to sew a sweatband and external band onto the hat, which gives it the stylish and unique look.

Greenpacha hats are becoming the trend of the season and with good reason. Not only are these hats stylish and fun, but they also are eco-friendly and support artisan workers across the world. Check out all of our sale Greenpacha styles today.

Greenpacha Floral Swell Hat

Greenpacha Lady Trim

Greenpacha Lady Sandy Salt and Pepper Hat


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