Jungle Bikini by Sabz Swimwear 2010

A fashion savy shopper is able to distinguish a designer bikini from an off the rack look by looking at one special trait: the fit. The bikini’s fit says a lot about the garment’s quality, how well it’s made, and how well it will fit. A high end swimwear designer spends time with their sketch book and color palettes thinking about the item, and countless hours creating the correct look.

Take for example the Jungle Bikini by Sabz Swimwear. If you dissect the fit elements on this style it is easy to see that the designers spent some time thinking about a woman’s body. The thing we like most about this bikini is that its “shirred sides” are the secret to the anti-muffin top look. By placing rings ruched along the sides with soft spandex fabric, Sabz Swimwear creates a bottom that contours to the skin, instead of cutting into it. The result is a trendy shirred style and a good way to look slimmer in the waist area.

Avoid the ‘Muffin Top Look’ with shirred bottoms

The other thing we love about this bikini are the soft molded cups built into the swimsuit triangle top. The Jungle top is adjustable with sliding drawstrings, but the molded cups allow one’s girls to fit in there and push up, creating support for the flattering cleavage area. This bikini is recommended for a gal looking to avoid the muffin top look.


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