String bikinis have become synonymous with sexy swimwear over the past decade. Women looking for designer suits with low-rise and moderate coverage swimwear began searching for string bikinis during their shopping sprees. However, traditional styles of string bottoms left some women with a lot to be desired. The problem arose mainly due to the way the strings cut into the skin, creating the unflattering “muffin top” look. Traditional string bikinis were not convenient for women who wanted to avoid constricted looks, but who also disliked the diaper-like bottom or thick waistbands that the swimwear industry offered as an alternative.

Over the last years, brands like Agua Bendita, Maaji, and Phax Swimwear began looking into a way to make string bikinis sexier and more flattering to women of distinct body types.
A perfect example of the above point is the Agua Dulce bikini from Agua Bendita.

As seen below, the thick strings made of superior spandex fabric eliminate the muffin top look and lets you tie as tight as desired:

The secret lies in the novel inward stitching techniques that have been developed with these designer swimsuits. It is what distinguishes mainstream brands from truly designer bathing suits, and even among couture styles, it is what determines their superior cut and fit. The most important strategy to create a flattering beach look is to buy an elastic-free string bikini. This means the designer excludes the elastic band previously sewn into the strings that, once tightened, makes the swimsuit cut into the skin. Instead, the strings are sewn inwardly and are made purely of spandex fabric. In this way, the string two-piece can be pulled tightly without producing extra tension, and therefore creating a designer fit. The truth is, everyone’s body has a flattering side, and the key is finding designer swimwear that fits your style.

String bikinis can be sexy if they are made to fit right.

If you need to purchase separates, you might like to try the very similar Agua Felina style, which can be sold in different sizes for top & bottom. The elastic-free strings in this bikini allow for more breathing room on the hips and below the dreaded love handle area:

String bottoms are also available in designer one-piece suits. The very couture Metallic Bandeau Cutout from Maaji offers brown strings on this style’s bottom:

Metallic Bandeau Cutout

However, if you are into simpler looks, Phax swimwear’s Vallie String Monokini could do the trick:

Vallie String Monokini


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