A Monokini For Every Style

A Monokini for every style

Let’s face it -after the holiday season many of us tend to feel a bit insecure about our bodies and have nightmares about even getting close to a two piece swimsuit. A good way to transform your wardrobe to hide some of those imperfections is by switching to Monokinis. What we love about them: you can show some skin in the right places and hide those parts of our body that need a little more work. For all those women out there who despise the idea of wearing a bathing suit after the holiday food fest we have the answer for you: Monokinis. The great thing is there are a variety of styles to suit every need:

The Caged Monokini
Caged monokinis are all the rage this season and they are a must-have for those with a sexier approach to swimwear. They are great for showing some skin without being too revealing. We recommend that you watch out of staying too much time exposed to the sun or else you will have very unusual tan lines to say the least!


Black Swimsuits

This monokini is a great option for those who want a classic style. Black is never out of style. Black is the new black, honey. We recommend going for a classic black piece for a timeless, chic look or going for a vibrant color to add some fun to your beachwear.

The Crochet Monokini

The Mesh panels are ideal for the flirty girl that does not want to be too obvious. You’re showing some skin but it’s really not that visible. People, and by this we mean moms always say that it’s good to leave something to the imagination. What a better way to strut your stuff without actually showing it than to have some mesh panels in all the right places. Go for a bold color to help you get all the attention or a darker color for a sliming effect.


Steffany Barreto

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