Today is a great day. It is a day that builds upon a dream we’ve had since last year, to provide an innovative and interactive content experience for our readers. As you may know, most company blogs come with constricting agendas, narrow subject lines, or flat-out robotic content.

We are not that company. We are a company of young, vibrant, and very witty staff members, and we have a lot of interesting things to share with the world. We also don’t have to run our content through “legal”, which makes our self-expression far more organic and fun. It’s been a long road, but it is with great pride that I present our new, revamped, Haute in Miami blog.

Our vision was to create a lifestyle blog with a local feel, where we discussed cool places, fashion trends, celebrity looks, and undoubtedly dug into a very relevant, local topic, which is very close to our dear hearts: the designer swimwear world.

Let’s face it: ever since we moved our corporate headquarters to Miami, we’ve realized a couple of things:

– It’s fun to live in a place with no winter (especially if beachwear is your thing!)

– If New York is the fashion capital of the world, then Miami is the fashion capital of the Beach World

– Laughter is fun. I happen to laugh a lot with the very smart and crazy staff members in our team, and so why not share that wittiness with the world? It’s a good deed in the end, and aside from selling you stuff, we also want to engage with you. We like you. We want to be your friend, even if you don’t buy from us.

So take a peak at what we’re putting out there. It’s a bit scary to allow so much fun during office hours, but it’s our mantra to be different. We’re that type of weird people.

As an Inc Magazine columnist, I write about serious stuff pertaining to growing a business and my experiences as an entrepreneur. As a ‘Haute in Miami’ author, I write about funny occurrences at the office, or fashion topics I like. It’s just a venue to be un-serious. Don’t be misled by my young face and good-hearted nature… I can be Hitler-ish when I need to be. Just ask the staff!

So our previous “Swim Couture” blog will be no more. You will still see all the previous blog posts below, but from now on, the posts will be bigger, better, more interesting (or so I hope). TELL us if you don’t think so by commenting.

Stay tuned.







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