Fergie in a brazilian bikini

Being lovers of Vix Swimwear we’re all for some narrow coverage swimsuit styles. And, when a celebrity dons a brazilian cut bikini while vacationing in – appropriately –the country of Brazil, we’re not ones to complain. As a matter of fact, it’s worth blogging about.

Black-eyed Peas lead singer Fergie was spotted in Brazilian shores rocking a sexy black bikini with a brazilian cut bottom. Apart from the fact that her rear looks “ahmauzing” (to quote Rachel Zoe), we think the girl makes a statement to women out there who like a cheeky rear bathing suit style. Luxury designers such as Vix have for years embraced the ‘brazilian’ way, and this year, a daring (and very similar) black bikini debuts for 2011 season.

Madrid Bia brazilian bikini by Vix

The Madrid Bia suit by Vix features the same string bottom detailing, yet accompanied by goldtone and tortoise shell embellishments. Another similarity – and the secret to Fergie flattering suit – is the cinching detail down the rear, which enhances the bum area and gives it a bit of definition.

Another feature to look when mirroring Fergie’s style is the ability to select a different size for top and bottom, an option offered with Vix swimsuits. If you’re larger on top and small on the bottom (like the aforementioned pop star), the option of shopping for swimwear separates is a must. That way a Large top and and Small bottom gal is able to rock a great fit without worrying about sets.

Cinched bottom detail

If you’re down with narrow cuts but would like more options, browse all brazilian bikinis looks.


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