A Spring Break Monokini Recommendation

Our excitement reaches its peak as Spring Break approaches. The little reminder that sunshine is just around the corner. The one thing we must-have on our Spring Break vacation? Swimsuits of course! And what better trend to flaunt during spring break than a monokini that helps avoid the ultimate beach no- no: tan lines. The Puka Off the Shoulder Monokini by Touche features a revolutionary water-safe “smocked” trend that maintains your neckline and cleavage held on but also free to tan smoothly.

Puka Off the Shoulder Monokini by Touche Swimwear

We absolutely adore the solid prints in red and texturized fabric. This monokini comes down the torso area with a bit of curve to show a hint of your sides, while still concealing your belly button and lower abdomen areas. The off the Shoulder design makes this monokini absolutely cute and delicate. If you’re on the lookout for a spring break monokini we recommend you check out this one!

Ana Lopez

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