Swimsuit lovers, meet Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, we think you are going to get along very well. Don’t be fooled by the long-winded name, Agatha is one of the most influential fashion designers in her native Spain and throughout Europe.

After decades of offering unique pieces for women’s apparel, home, and children’s wear, the Agatha swimwear line lauched in 2010 with quite a buzz. This Spanish designer brings a whole world full of color and vitality to life in her stunning array of swimwear. We like to think of her as the ‘Spanish Betsey Johnson‘, a little pinup, some stunning silhouettes, and just the right amount of punk.

Agatha suits are not afraid to speak their minds. They refuse to blend in with the crowd. They are to be seen AND heard. With an exciting array of rainbow inspired patterns, bold graphic prints and an entire line inspired by summer romance, we can’t help but let ourselves get swept up in all the excitement!

18 of the 23 new styles are exclusively available online at The Orchid Boutique. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorites:

Sassy Cupid

As sweet as it is sassy, this adorable triangle two piece features intricate floral detail on the strings and is made with a gorgeous heart print fabric. The bottom provides moderate coverage at the rear and, best of all, the suit is sewn with in-seems to guarantee no muffin top!

Rainbow Rhythm

Strut your stuff in all the colors of the rainbow! This summer filled two piece has adorable pocket detail on the cup and bottoms. The bottoms also feature two funky contrasting fabrics, with rainbow print on the front and a solid blue back.

Starry Night Underwire

This starry two piece swimsuit features a playful zigzag print and even provides underwire top for a little extra support.

At around $100 each, these suits will guarantee some serious beach side fun without breaking the bank! They’re sold as one size sets but don’t worry, many are designed for women with different sized tops and bottoms. Not sure which size to go with? Give us a call at 1-877-288-9564, where our fashion specialists are desperate for any excuse to discuss these lovelies and dish out sizing advice!

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