Agua Bendita 2009’s collection is an ode to fairies, myths, and fantasy. The couture swimsuit brand, which has generated heavy buzz for their fabulous craftsmanship and unique designs, has created a new collection appropriately named Alusina Melusina, or “Hallucinate Melusina”. A bit of trivia for those of us behind on our knowledge of mythical legends… Melusina is a feminine spirit of fresh waters that lives in sacred springs and rivers,* made popular in the 1300s by ladies in sewing rooms. Her body is half human half mermaid, and the old European folklore tales refer to her as a strong, resilient, and magical kind of goddess.

The premise of a mermaid-like, water-loving woman with a spirit and strength unlike females of its day ties in flawlessly with Agua Bendita’s theme and their creation of couture swimsuits for women.

So, what can high- spirited, feisty, and adventurous women of today expect for the new 2009 line?

Plenty of swimsuit embroidery, ruffle trim galore, crochet bikinis, knitted coverups, designer beach bags, and flower detail. Here’s a sneak peek at Agua Bendita Swimwear 2009!

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*Source: Wikipedia


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