Agua Bendita Swimsuits embrace a woman’s cravings

It’s bad enough to know that holiday season approaches and the eating spree will start to kick in. To think we may end up chowing down on chocolate until we can’t button our jeans. Now the Agua Bendita 2010 collection gives us more to crave.

The Heavenly Delights collection (aptly named, might we add) is exactly that. A collection with every single swimsuit named after a dessert. YUM. On top of that, there’s an Agua bendita bikini – a brazilian cut, no less- with the words “fast food” written all over it. One might wonder what on earth were the Agua Bendita designers (two twenty something females) thinking?

Well, we asked them and this is what they said in a nutshell: Agua Bendita is a swimwear brand that is extremely unique. To be trend-setting and avant-garde it’s important to find different ways to express yourself, and what better way than with irreverent & fabulous style? A true fashionista knows this well!

We say, embrace it! Embrace your chocolate-loving ways. Embrace your curves, your fabulous, womanly curves. And if you got it, flaunt it, honey!

Ana Lopez

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