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Kicking off the Miami Swim Week festivities this year was the Mikoh 2016 Resort presentation at the ultra swanky 1 Hotel in Miami Beach on July 17th, 2015. And can we tell you that this collection did not disappoint! Mikoh designers and sisters Oleema & Kalani Miller delivered a stunning resort line comprised of elegant silhouettes & gorgeous color schemes that exude the surf culture of the California-based brand. The 2016 collection fuses traditional tropical inspirations with current fashion trends that swimwear lovers and celebrities alike can’t seem to get enough of. Better yet, the new Mikoh line offers a wide variety of products: from sexy swimsuits and cover ups to ready-to-wear apparel and the hottest surf gear, they’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorites trends from the collection:

(1) Island Inspirations:

Being based out of the lovely beaches of California, the 2016 Mikoh swimwear collection is bound to deliver hints of inspiration from the sand, sun, and surf. Prevalent in Mikoh’s newest designs are tropical prints that feature playful palm prints and florals that have exploded recently in the swimwear scene. I mean, who doesn’t love a good floral print? You’ll also find vintage-inspired prints splashed over various swim silhouettes that may remind you of classic Hawaiian shirts. We are simply DYING over these.

Mikoh 2016 - Presentation 2Mikoh 2016 Swim Week (July 16, 2015 – Source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images North America)

Mikoh 2016 - Swim Week Presentation(July 16, 2015 – Source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images North America)

Mikoh Swimwear 2016(July 16, 2015 – Source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images North America)

In addition to florals, the 2016 collection features color schemes that are reminiscent of any hot day at the beach: from gorgeous corals and neon pinks that you would see in a reef ecosystem to deep blues and teals that would make any bikini lover’s heart melt, these solids and printed designs are making us weak at the knees. Just sayin’…

Mikoh 2016 - Swim Week Show(July 16, 2015 – Source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images North America)

Mikoh 2016 Bikinis - Swim Week

(2) Soft Neutrals:

Another style staple for Mikoh 2016 keeps close to the classics: soft, earthy color schemes that work to highlight your natural beauty. The “minimalist look” is huge for the 2016 swim season, and Mikoh is nothing short of a pioneer in this trend. They certainly did not disappoint when the models presented bikinis, one pieces, and cover ups featuring a plethora of earthy, neutral tones that blew us out of the water. What’s great about these soft palates – which include creams and nudes to muted blues and greys – is that they work great for almost all skin tones. These delicate hues also highlight your softer side, and have the ultimate ‘mix-and-match-ability’, so to say. For example, you can accentuate your feminine side with a great ivory bikini from Mikoh when you’re feeling demure and classic, or you can mix it up with some hot pinks and yellows when you’re feeling adventurous and sassy. The sky’s the limit!

Mikoh 2016 Swimwear

Mikoh Swimwear Swim Week 2016

Mikoh 2016 Swimsuits

(July 16, 2015 – Source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images North America)

…And the added bonus of Mikoh’s neutrals: they go GREAT with a tan. Your sun-kissed glow can be natural or fake, but we won’t tell anyone…Wink, wink.

Mikoh 2016 Swimwear Presentation(July 16, 2015 – Source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images North America)

(3) Mad for Macrame:

If you know Mikoh as a brand, you are sure to recognize them for their killer macrame. This swim brand pays the utmost attention to detail when it comes to their swimwear designs, and their macrame is nothing short of breathtaking. Most of their swim silhouettes – including bralettes, halter tops, figure-flattering one pieces, and hipster bottoms – feature macrame or multi-strap detailing that works to tie the whole look together. We can’t emphasize enough how intricately beautiful the macrame from Mikoh is, and you are sure to fall head-over-heels for it after glancing at these silhouettes for 2016. It’s truly love at first sight. Forget Ryan Gosling, give me some of that Mikoh macrame…

Mikoh 2016 Macrame Swimwear(July 16, 2015 – Source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images North America)

(4) Sporty Silhouettes:

The final trend you’ll be spotting in the Mikoh 2016 collection is sporty silhouettes; these cuts provide more support for the active beach girl who’s looking for comfort with and an added touch of style. From sports bra inspired bralettes to neoprene crop tops and more, Mikoh caters to the ‘surfer girl’ who has a killer sense of beach style. These sportier bikini tops and bottoms are perfect for any beach activity, including surfing, paddle boarding, water skiing, and many more. They also provide more coverage and thicker straps to keep you secure, supported, and comfortable. Sporty spice has nothing on you in these sassy silhouettes!

Mikoh 2016 Swimwear - Swim Week

Words can’t express how excited we are to see more of Mikoh 2016, and we can’t wait to add the brand to our repertoire of 2016 swimwear designers! Which were your favorites styles from the presentation?

Mikoh 2016 Bikinis - Swim Week

Mikoh 2016 - Oleema and Kalani Miller


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