Halle Berry in the movie "Swordfish"
Halle Berry in the movie “Swordfish”

Dear Halle Berry,

You are ridiculously gorgeous. We love the way you ooze sensuality without even really trying. Not a lot of people can pull off the boy cut hairstyle and still look flawless. You may not know this, but your bikini scene in the movie “Swordfish” has been tagged as one of the best TV swimsuit moments ever. Even though we think your curves and toned bod are fabulous, we have to admit, as bikini lovers, we are a bit underwhelmed at the plainness of your choice. A beautiful and sexy woman, it seems to us, should wear a bikini that is as dazzling and eye-popping as she is. And with the amount of choices out there, a plain opaque orange color… well, might not be the best choice.

If we had our pick, we’d picture you in a gorgeous couture bikini from a designer like Betsey Johnson. A little bit of pinup and sass would look amazing on! So this is a photoshopped version of our style choice for you: the Patty Cakes Ruffle bikini by Betsey Johnson Swimwear. LOVE how it looks.

halle berry in a betsey johnson bikini
Halle Berry in Betsey Johnson

You’re welcome, Halle!


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