Cameron Diaz, we love that you are a pretty yet sporty kind of girl. You burp in public, love surfing, and have a loud, borderline obnoxious laugh. Word is, you were seen in the Caribbean last week, lounging with your friends and showing off your yoga moves. Here’s a picture of you looking hot on your vacay, sporting a teeny weeny black bikini.

We love your surfergirl style and your confidence in your bikini bod. However, if we could make one suggestion, we’d actually spruce up your swimwear outfits a bit. Don’t get us wrong, black is hot, but the secret is in the details. Embellishments like goldtone rings, textured solids, tortoise hardware, etc can turn a normal black bikini into a fashionable beach ensemble. And we expect no less from a fashionable lady such as yourself.

Rich-n-Skinny Bikini by Lady Lux

If we had our way with you style-wise, we’d recommend trying the Rich-n-Skinny Bikini by Lady Lux Swimwear. The name fits you like a glove and the swimsuit has all the characteristics you seem to be into: its black, its cheeky at the back, its sexy, and certainly not plain. Totally up your alley.


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