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We’ve talked about a lot of swimwear designers in the past few weeks, telling you which brands you should check out and introducing you to a few new ones. But there is one particular brand that I am insanely stoked about that I can’t wait to show you – Mar de Rosas Swimwear.

Why am I so excited about Mar de Rosas? A few reasons really.

1) They totally upped their style game. Last year was about a lot of wild colors and loud designs, which certainly was a hit. But this year is a bit different. The designers seemed to have muted their use of brash colors, and it is absolutely working for them. Mar de Rosas seemed to have taken a page out of the Agua Bendita book, lining their bikinis with beads and fabric piping. Check it out:

2) Mar de Rosas is exclusive to Orchid Boutique. That’s right. That means you can only buy these styles with us. So that sexy one piece swimsuit that you see with the deep v-neck and a beaded belt, you can only purchase it through us. That’s like saying we have this super hot model boyfriend and he’s all ours. That’s…….awesome.

3) Mar de Rosas has some fabulous bathing suit cover ups this year. Their tunics and blouses have always been part of their charm as a brand, and this 2019 get ready for some of the hottest resort wear pieces yet.

4) But what’s the best part of all, is that Mar de Rosas boasts handcrafted work in their swimwear. Someone is hand stitching their suits for YOU. How cool is that?


About the Brand

Mar de Rosas is a brand known for its innovative and creative designs that emphasize feminine beauty through the use of unique textures, hand-beading, vibrant colors, and ultra-lush fabrics that provide comfort and confidence to all women. Their unorthodox and asymmetrical cuts highlight the beauty of the female form, and the diversity of their materials gives these suits a unique touch. Most styles from Mar de Rosas are exclusively sold at The Orchid Boutique, so you are bound to be the envy of every beach-goer when you style a “one-of-a-kind” Mar de Rosas bikini or monokini for the beach or pool.

Mar de Rosas is a brand with sass and unique appeal that tops the charts for exclusive swimwear designers. Fashionistas flock to Mar de Rosas swimwear because of its classic hand-beaded details, vibrant colors, and unique designs. Coming in with a bang to the swimwear industry scene, Mar de Rosas is drawing huge attention for its wild prints inspired by nature, hand-crafted embellishments, and sexy silhouettes that will make you feel like a beach goddess. Women who wear Mar de Rosas bikinis and one pieces are fearless definitely know how to stand out from the crowd; they don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style in one of Mar de Rosas’s festive printed swimsuits.

The Mar de Rosas 2019 collection is full of inspiration from nature, animals, and Moroccan colors and embellishments. The same exotic-flare, color, and variety of textures present in Mar de Rosas swimwear are also present in their accompanying cover-ups and accessories line. The classical and traditional bikinis and one-piece suits are impossible to ignore thanks to the Colombian handicrafts, handmade embroidery, crochet detail, and finishes in visible and thick threads.

Check out their 2019 collection from Mar de Rosas and prepare to fall head over beaded embellishments in love.

Ana Lopez


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