Art Basel in Miami

December is my favorite time of year and it’s not because of Christmas. Don’t tell Santa, you guys! But tis’ the season for Art Basel, an art convention with days full of art, glitzy events, open bars and late nights in Miami, and that’s just a little more exciting to me.

The event has gotten better every year because it has expanded beyond Art Basel in Miami Beach and hit Wynwood, Miami’s up and coming Downtown area. Though the Miami Beach events for this artsy fartsy week are the originals that started it all, Wynwood gives you a taste of the culture without robbing you blind. Below I have listed some can’t-miss events, if not for the art, for the hipster-cuties that you’ll spot while you’re there.

Art Basel Miami Beach Convention – The mother of all art galleries, Art Basel will have you digging deep into your soul while you dissect hundreds of different pieces of art and what they mean to you. Even if you’re not that profound, some of them will bring it out of you. Trust me, buddy. As a fashionista, I also find time to check out everyone’s trendy outfits. It’s a habit I can’t kick.

The cost: $29 if you show up after 4 PM, $42 if you’re brave enough for a full day

Wynwood Walls – If you haven’t seen them already, the heart of Wynwood has a number of huge walls that are covered in murals. I’ve spent a good hour soaking them all in before and when I left I still felt like I could go for more. The good news is there are a handful of artists adding new murals for this art filled week. Just roam the streets and enlighten yourself.

The cost: Free baby

The Street: Festival of Electronic Music, Art and Performance – In front of Harold Golen Gallery in Wynwood’s Art District will be an intense array of artistic happenings, featuring video screenings and real-time performances by a laptop orchestra, music robotic machines and A LOT more. Prepare to have your mind blown on both Friday, December 7 and Saturday, December 8 from 5 PM to 7 PM.

The cost: FREE… Oh yeah.

Does the whole idea of Art Basel stress you out? Sometimes it definitely takes me over the edge and I need a serious chill session to power through the rest of the madness. Plan a quick beach moment for yourself and put on some wearable art with a beaded bikini to keep up the momentum. Everyone will appreciate it. <3



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