Ana Sailor Bikini as seen on A&E’s The Glades

Have you ever been watching TV and noticed a swimsuit you just have to have, but can’t figure out where it’s from? We’ve so been there. Luckily for you, while we were watching TV we noticed one of our favorite bikinis, the Ana Sailor Bikini by Vix Swimwear, is featured on a commercial for A&E’s new show The Glades. That’s one less swimsuit you have to hunt down!

Ana Sailor Bikini by Vix Swimwear

This nautical bikini features a yellow and white striped triangle top with a gold rivet detail. The top features a soft rope that ties at the neck and the back. The soft rope takes this bikini from ordinary to extraordinary. The matching string tie bottom features the same soft rope and gold rivet detail and provides moderate coverage in the rear.

The great thing about the Ana Sailor is you don’t even have to be on TV to rock this look. So what are you waiting for? Get yours here! (Note: hot co-stars not included.)


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