Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron were seen frolicking and enjoying piggy back rides on the beach in Malibu this past weekend looking like the ideal couple. But wait…wasn’t he dating Vanessa Hudgens?! And aren’t Ashley and Vanessa BFFs?!? Ummmmm, scandal!

The two ‘High School Musical’ stars were celebrating Ashley’s 26th birthday by playing with a blow up shark (weird), hugging, and slight kissing. While it may not be full on Bieber/Gomez PDA (they were doing the most), it was a little more than just friendly hugs and kisses. Ashley tweeted: “So happy zacary made it to my party!!! He’s my brother/best friend!!!” Sure. Don’t we all have ‘brothers/best friends’…with benefits? I’m just saying.

To be completely honest, even though Vanessa may be Ashley’s BFF, I really don’t blame the girl. I mean, look at him. He’s gorgeous. There is literally not one flaw on him and it’s kind of tempting to consider going for sloppy seconds (just kidding…not really). But the two did look like a happy couple and have great chemistry.

But we’re not here to judge these two and figure out if they are dating – even though we are extremely jealous of anyone who gets a piece of Zac, and we’re very interested to see how this all plays out (channeling Britney vs. Christina during the Mickey Mouse Club era). What we’re here to do is judge her bathing suit. And the swimsuit Ashley has on for her birthday party, birthday date, however you want to explain it, is the perfect choice for a day at the beach.

The pop singer chose to wear a bandeau swimsuit with a strap around the neck which was strikingly similar to the Flora Bandeau by Paradizia Swimwear.

The hipster bottom features a belted detail with buttons and the Brazilian cut bikini has a cute pocket-like detail in the back.

If Ashley’s swimsuit got Zac to hug, kiss, and embrace her like it did, there’s only hope that we can find someone of similar stature on South Beach if we’re wearing a similar look (we dream big).


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