Back to the future with high waisted bikinis!!


The truth is what is classy and sophisticated  never goes out of style. Just take a look at these two models, the first from 1940 and the second from 2017, 77 years of difference but they both look amazing in high waisted swimsuits. Now a great question , literally a lifetime has passed between both of them but, why do they portrait the same sense of style? In a capricious world like the one fashion is, shouldn’t they look totally different? I mean the woman in the black and white picture could actually be the other model’s grandma.. High waisted bikinis are full of attributes and I will go over all of them for you to understand why they came back 2 years ago and they are not thinking on going back to the dusty vault no time soon, here we go !

So spring break is coming and I am not the kind of person that loves working out in the gym for long hours, I mean i have some belly, I am no fitness model whatsoever so this is perfect for me!  High waist bottoms manage to cover up all the lower body ‘imperfections.’ The high waisted look will flatter your figure and make you look classy and stylish.

Now how about if we bring up an important topic, rear coverage! Usually they provide moderate coverage in the back. That means, in other words, you are going to be comfortable to do anything you want, I mean you can even run with this kind of bottom, no kidding. Also, something I hate when walking in public by the pier in spring break is guys staring at my butt and chatting about it, this piece prevents that from happening as it is conservative but stylish at the same time.

Furthermore, let’s think how cool it is to be able to combine a high waisted bottom with any top you want. I mean, they will look great with a triangle top, a bralette top or a bandeau! You can just go ahead and let your imagination fly on which way to combine your bottom. Also if you are going for a short walk on the beach you can put on a matching shirt with this item and you will still look marvelous and hot , that way you can go for a drink in a shore bar without the stress of feeling naked.

How about if I show YOU now my 4 favorite high waisted swimsuits of 2018,let'ss go:

Maylana’s sweetest high waist cookie, the Jake Blue Stripes bottom, no debate at all in my opinion. Look at the outstanding blue stripe print, it is just beautiful and eye catching. On the other hand, the coverage is about perfect, which makes your body look curvy. But if you look closely the bottom features a macramé pattern on both sides, making this a work of art that we all must-have. Last but not least, it is reversible to a classy solid color, two high waisted swimsuits for the price of one, Maylana never stops thinking about us, isn’t that right?


This is a brand new brand, but its taken giant strides on its first season. The Dayja Red Stripes bottom with a stripes print is exquisite. The rear provides moderate coverage which makes it comfortable. It also features caged details, this ensures you will look sexy and classy at the same time. And what I love the most is that Its reversible to a solid color, so when you are going to purchase this bad boy remember you can be the flying sky everyone wants to reach, just two swimsuits for the price of one.


The Lulu Pink Sunset bottom is also reversible to a solid beige color and it is you classic high waisted piece with a little string detail on the back for a sutile design touch.

The AGUA BENDITA Bendito Alicia Tropic Bottom has an amazing tropical print with soft blue and birds and flowers in black and different bright beautiful colors. It provides a cheeky style cover at the rear too.

To make a final point my people, this spring break grab a high waist bikini and feel how the retro vibe makes you look classy, sexy, comfortable and with a great figure. Believe me, you won’t regret going “back to the future” in the fashion road.

Ana Lopez

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