Bendita Reina by Agua Bendita

In life there are those that prefer to blend into the background, and those that would rather stand out. So is the case in beachwear fashion. If you are into the former, we recommend looking at a special swimsuit called the Bendita Reina (or Holy Queen, for those of us without a Spanish dictionary).

Agua Bendita Swimwear, the brand behind this and other avant-garde designs, take pride in making exclusive suits with handmade detail. A premium item with the benefits of a couture feel, yet without the couture price tag (which can run upwards of $5,000+). Here at The Orchid Boutique we are absolutely obsessed with Agua Bendita designs, especially for swimwear 2010.

Back view of Bendita Reina

The new collection ‘Heavenly Delights’ is filled with whimsy right down to the style’s name , with each suit – excluding some exceptions, like the Reina– named after a gourmet dessert. You can actually wear a delicious little thing like a Key Lime Pie without the sticky after effects, but with the same sexy result.

Today’s featured item, the Reina, features a cutesy little peekaboo detail at the suit’s rear, with cinching down middle to accentuate your curves. Get it here while it lasts.


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