Its summertime in Miami and people are flaunting their bikini bods until the sun goes down.  Sometimes they stay on the beach for six to eight hours straight. Unfortunately, I see way too many women looking like lobsters on their towels, trying to tan even more!  I really just want to yell at them, “It’s enough already! Please cover up!” Its great to have a sun kissed tan and all, but ladies, it will come back to bite you in the butt in ten years if you don’t cover up correctly.  Fortunately, clothing is the easiest and first line of defense while hanging out this summer.  For days when the sun is just too strong and sunscreen and sunglasses aren’t enough, it’s time to throw on a cute Beach Hat.

Sun damage causes premature wrinkles, brown spots, sagging and melanoma.  Doesn’t sound like fun to me.  Not to mention that the face, ears and neck are the most common spots for skin cancer.  Wearing beach hats is a stylish and practical way to stay safe in the sun while still looking good.  When picking your perfect beach hat, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Choosing a wide brim hat with at least a 3 inch width fully protects your face, ears, scalp, lips, neck and eyes while soaking up sun.
  • The tighter woven and heavier the fabric, the more anti-wrinkle protection you get.
  • The first place women get wrinkles is around the eyes because of squinting and sun damage.  (My eyes are super light and even with sunglasses on, I’m always squinting on those super sunny days so beach hats have become my best friend.)

Aside from the protection, they are super trendy and keep you cooler on a hot summer day.  You can tie a cute ribbon on your hat to match your bikini and have a new look with each outfit!  It’s a win win.

But don’t take my word for it. Celebrities like Bethenny Frankel, Sofia Vegara, Denise Richards, and Jessica Alba are constantly staying cool in their beach hats on vacations or simply running errands.  Pairing hats with tunics and dresses are my favorite because they are the most carefree and stylish ways to go.  Hopefully, I’ll run into a few more fellow beach hat wearers like myself on South Beach soon


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