Being a Red Hot Miami Heat Fan

I am probably one of the biggest Miami Heat fans you will ever meet. But I am not a new ‘Big 3’ Heat fan. I call those band wagon fans. I also call them fair weather fans because they normally only like the Heat when they are at the top of their game. Even though there’s nothing really wrong with that (except there is), I definitely don’t fall into that category! I have been a red hot fan since I was 11 years old, and I consider myself to be one of the best. I go to games, I watch games at home until the end (yes, even if we are losing), and, most importantly, I rock the Miami Heat colors when appropriate.

I know I am not the only fan out there who represents with white, black and red. This, however, will be my first year doing it in a bikini I decided the ultimate heat fan would combine the colors instead of sticking to just one! White and red is my first Miami Heat combination because I find it to be the fiercest. The Moonlight Glory top designed by Maaji Swimwear combined with Vitamin A’s Sweetheart bottom will have you stand out in the crowd. This bottom is fabulous because it’s SUPER cheeky, especially with the scrunch detail in the back. Don’t consider the Moonlight Glory to be plain-Jane. It’s reversible ways keep it far from that!

This next combo is for you party girls who would never pass up the chance to represent for their team. Everyone will know it when you wear the Wild Indulgence bottom brilliantly created by Luli Fama with the Sweetheart top given to us by Vitamin A Swimwear. The sequins on this bottom are nothing less than a celebration of swimwear. I’ve been a sequins fan since sequin shorts became more than a Jazz recital outfit. The fact that it’s a Brazilian cut bottom just adds to the fun of this Heat-inspired bikini.

I chose the Silver Stud Cluster bandeau with the White Shutter bottom from Malai Swimwear for my ‘Back in Black’ category. Back in black is the theme the Heat use when they are competing in the playoffs – my favorite time of the season! The bandeau top has an amazing rhinestone detail, making the bikini look MUCH more expensive than it is. It’s truly a favorite of mine out of our entire collection.

I hope this brings up the intensity level of your fan-loving ways. Don’t miss their next game against the New York Nets this Wednesday!


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