Dog lovers unite! If you have a dog like me, you know how important it is to find a nice and relaxing area to walk your dog. Anyone who thinks “Miamians” only walk their dogs along the beach in a swimsuit while on roller blades is sorely mistaken. We need playful doggie park just as bad as anyone else.

My older chihuahua, Penny, loves to be outside and feel the wind blow in her ears. I’ve searched high and low to find her some of the best dog parks in Miami that we both can be happy with. There are a couple of factors that I know Penny finds important: soft green grass to roll around in, obstacles to keep her body in shape, and water fountains to quench her thirst after he chases the ladies. Although I could also take her to a regular park, it’s great to socialize your dog with their own kind so they are not intimated or aggressive towards other dogs.  Before Penny was socialized, she would be on immediate defense when she met other dogs. Rightfully so, but it was not a fun life for her.

In an effort to help all Miami pups have a greater social life, I’ve narrowed down the top dog parks in Miami. Note, if you’re working full time like me and can’t get out to get your dog that fresh air she needs, shoot an email over to the folks at Hospitality Hound, the best pet care providers of South Florida.

Trails & Trail Park

I think this dog park is one of the most beautiful that Miami has to offer. It was built in 2012 so it’s brand new. Although there are no obstacle courses, it is a huge open space for our dogs to roam and run. It also has a fun island in the center with large rocks and trees to make our canine friends feel like they are at the Caribbean. Something everyone loves about this park is that dog owners actually clean up after their pets, which is very rare! Another great perk: there is never any mud for your dog to get his paws dirty in. And we all know our dogs love to get their paws as muddy as possible before they get back in our car to go home.


Tropical Park – Dog Park Playground

Tropical Park is a pretty large area in Miami. They have fields to play sports, picnic tables with barbecues, nature trails, basketball courts and playgrounds. I actually had no idea that they also had a dog park! Their Bark Park offers obstacles including a tire jump, window jump, and a king-of-the-hill ramp. They also have doggy ‘comfort stations’ (how cute is that?) where our pups can drink from fountains, enjoy water sprays and get some shade if they are interested. Pennyloves to soak in the sun under an awning. She has no interest in getting wrinkles anytime soon. My favorite feature at this park is the lake that our dogs are allowed to take a dip in!


Perrine Wayside Park

This park also has a lake for our dogs to play, so naturally I chose it as one of the ‘best’. Pet owners have been visiting this bark park for a long time, and it was voted ‘The Best Dog Park’ in 2010 by the Miami New Times. Your dog can roam free without his leash and sniff as many butts as he desires. There is only one complaint from park-goers: muddy waters making muddy paws. If you don’t mind letting your dog take a long dip after his play day to clean his paws, this open space is a great option.

All of the parks listed have separate large and small dog play for safety. Not only will Penny be visiting these hang out spots, but a few of our other honorary Orchid canines will be as well. Who do you think is the cutest Orchid canine?!


Don’t these dogs deserve a round of a-paws?… (hahaha get it?) LOL.


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