Best Foods to Help Cut Cravings: Fitting Into Your Swimsuit Has Never Been So Simple


Picture this. You’re sitting at work mulling over a few brilliant swimsuit blog ideas, when all of a sudden your stomach growls like a cornered street dog. It’s loud, it distracts your coworkers, and now all you can do is focus on what you’re going to fill your stomach with next.

However, instead of cramming your face with the leftover bridal shower cake in the kitchen that keeps calling your name (very loudly), there are other options to cut your food cravings. In fact, we have found quite a few other options that you can munch on in a healthy way, that doesn’t leave you starving and stranded.

Check out our options for midday snacks that can help reduce overindulging on those killer foods that you may regret later when your swimsuit feels a bit snug.

Nuts & Seeds

It’s a widely known concept that nuts and seeds, when eaten in smaller quantities, can aid in weight loss when you consume about one-ounce per day, and not much more. Choose raw nuts, like whole almonds for example, which are chock full of essential fatty acids, as well as key minerals. Or chew on some unsalted sunflower seeds. NOTE: Make sure you avoid those nuts which have chunks of chocolate partnered in, or the ones roasted in honey, because really you’re just ingesting all that sugar and we all know that when you’re trying to cut weight, sugar is basically the devil. And the devil doesn’t want you looking good in your swimsuit.


Oatmeal is one of those wonder foods that keeps you full for many, many hours to come. The whole grains that are found in steel-cut oats are high in fiber and the healthy kinds of carbs. Not to mention you can reduce your cholesterol in the meantime. When you add things to your oatmeal like flaxseeds, blueberries, cinnamon and so forth, you are increasing your chances of staying fuller longer.

If by chance you think that the oatmeal with dinosaur eggs, or the ones that you can microwave and “fresh” fruit grows is what I’m talking about…..then we have a bit of a problem.

White Beans

I’m sure you’re aware that beans are AWESOME because they are high in insoluble fibers which keeps you very full throughout your day. Basically, studies have shown that if you consume one cup of cooked beans per day, you can lose four times as much weight as those who do not eat beans at all.

Here are a few good choices in white beans: garbanzo, white kidney, navy, and butter. Try to use dry white beans instead of canned just because of the high levels of sodium.


Plums & Prunes

Prunes are part of the plum family, so it’s pretty much the father and son duo that will cut your cravings. Both of these guys are so high in fiber and complex carbs, which ultimately keep your cravings low and your weight loss high. Prunes have zero fat, which make them an awesome in between meal snack. OR if you’re feeling risky, add some to your oatmeal and then BOOM – ultimate craving cutter.

Prunes and plums also help digestion, which means regulating your body to help break down faster.


An apple a day, yada yada yada, you know the rest. But apples are a GREAT way to not only keep away the doctor, but to also cut your food cravings. Apples have soluble fiber (key word!) called pectin which reduces the amount of sugar and calories absorbed into the bloodstream. Apple pectin prevents spikes in blood sugar that lead to increased fat storage. So you avoid any sort of crash that sugar brings, which would lead to a sugar craving.

Share some of your favorite snacks to help cut cravings in the comments below and lets start a snacking revolution!

Ana Lopez

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