Best Haunted Places for a Halloween Visit

It’s a known fact we all love a good scare. Even if we closed our eyes during The Exorcist, or hold our breath going down the first drop of a roller coaster, or put on our Brazilian cut bikinis right after the holidays, it’s the adrenaline rush that we keep coming back for. It’s pretty much why we watch American Horror Story.

With Halloween approaching, we decided to get into the spirit and find some of the best places in the United States that serve up a solid scare factor. Who knows, if one of these little gems is in your area, it might be worth a visit rather than scaring kids off your porch with a Publix Cinnamon Broom. (We don’t do that….really..).

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Lizzie Borden House
Fall River, Massachusetts

In 1892 Andrew and Abby Borden were murdered 50 miles south of Boston. Although acquitted, Lizzie Borden was the primary suspect in the horrific deaths of her father and stepmother, who happened to be killed gruesomely with an axe. If you’re feeling bold, you can spend the night in this bed and breakfast (charming, no?) and even be served the same meal Andy and Abby ate the day of their murders. I think it was oatmeal a-la-get-the-heck-outta-the-house.

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Alcatraz Prison

San Francisco, California

I’m sure everyone has heard of Alcatraz by now. Maybe when you misbehave as a child and your parents are all like, “if you don’t clean up your room, I’m sending you to Alcatraz!” Nobody? Just me? Anyway, known for its bloody history, Alcatraz was notorious for making their prisoners go insane, which helped their tortured spirits stick around and take revenge on the living. The dungeons, where prisoners were chained, are notorious for paranormal activities – screams even! No, no way.

However, if you do visit, make sure you check out cell 14D. I heard they give out free cookies.


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The Sultan’s Palace
New Orleans, Louisiana

I’ve been to New Orleans and besides the fact their sidewalk blues bands rule and the brunch at the Ruby Slipper is to DIE FOR, the city overall can be creepy at heck. Without the beads being strewn in the air and random passed out frat kids on the sidewalk from Mardi Gras, when the city if empty, it’ll scare the bejeezus out of anyone. This house in particular in the French Quarter was the residence to a wealthy man with a depraved lifestyle who was eventually buried alive in the courtyard after his family and staff were hacked to pieces by an unknown perpetrator. It is said he still walks the grounds as an angry spirit. Sound familiar, Ryan Murphy?


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Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Weston, West Virginia

We can honestly stop at Lunatic Asylum and I’m sure you’d get the picture. If you’re picturing Girl, Interrupted, then combine that with House of 1,000 Corpses and you may be on the right track. Back in 1864, this asylum was home to thousands of people suffering from mental illnesses and hundreds of people died there before the facility officially closed in 1994. Spirits are said to haunt the building and the grounds, dating all the way back to the Civil War era. Tours are offered, as well as an intense ghost hunt lasting 8 hours OVERNIGHT. Are you freaking kidding? Who in their right mind….?


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Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In 1829, Eastern State Penitentiary opened its doors to murderers, criminals, and much more. It is one of America’s oldest standing prisons, despite being abandoned for two decades. But now, it is one of the best haunted houses in the nation. Their nighttime tour, Terror Behind the Walls, is such a popular attraction people flock from all over the country just to be absolutely terrified. Sounds like a blast, right?

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Winchester Mystery House
San Jose, California

This house is pretty ginormous and has The Shining written all over it. With 160 rooms, 47 stairways, 2,000 doors, and 10,000 windows, you can imagine how many ghosts float around simply because they were never given a map. This monstrous estate has flashlight tours every Friday the 13th, which probably take somewhere between 18-22 hours if you’re canvasing the entire estate (kidding). I’m sure it looks beautiful when there’s a full moon….said no one ever.

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Happy Halloween. If you’re brave enough to venture out to any of these, drop us a line below and let us know how it went. If you survive, that is.

Ana Lopez

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