Green beer, wooden bars, and absolutely no parking — sigh, the joy of celebrating St, Patrick’s Day in Miami, Florida. Despite the throngs of people crowding the streets and cheap beer being splashed about, St. Patrick’s Day in Miami sure brings quite a crowd of fun, fabulous people. Besides, where else in the country can you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day whilst wearing your favorite Maaji Swimwear?

Believe it or not, through the little cafeterias and empanadas, there are a few Irish spots worth mentioning. We’ve come up with the best Miami pubs to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day. Use this comprehensive guide at your leisure.

1. Fado, Brickell

This is one of the top spots to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Miami. For four years running, Fado celebrates this holiday with such vigor, it has a whole week of events leading up to “St. Practice Day” on Sunday the 15th. With multiple levels, and an old-timey Ireland feel (we’re talkin’ very dark and sometimes creepy) this place gets very packed very early. Don’t event try to find parking near the bar because Brickell may be a disaster. But this is an outdoor festival to remember.

2. Irish Times, South Miami

Irish Times shuts down South Miami for St. Patrick’s Day. They shut down all the roads and host a HUGE block party that stretches across the backstreets of Sunset Drive. Get there early for specials and listen to live music amongst the throngs of people. Only in Miami can we have a block party before Spring is official.

3. The Playwright, Miami Beach

This Dublin-inspired hangout has Irish food fare, big screen TV’s and plenty of draft beers to choose from. Located right in the heart of South Beach, The Playwright has tons of foot traffic just for Spring Break alone. Now imagine that multiplied by hundreds more people celebrating the holiday — that’s a whole lotta fun.

4. John Martin’s, Coral Gables

The main stretch of Coral Gables is home to John Martin’s, a notorious Irish Pub which is more widely known for its karaoke fun on Wednesday nights. Stock up on your pints of beer and your fish’n’chips this St. Patrick’s Day for a more lowkey time. Things don’t get too wild at this popular pub, so if you’re looking for a quiet night of some Jameson on the rocks, you’ve found your place.

5. Finnegan’s, Lincoln Road

Ample outdoor seating, the busiest drag of South Beach, plus your standard, albeit delicious, bar munchies to tide you over. Any holiday brings crowds to Lincoln Road and while this isn’t a Halloween spectacle, is sure will be packed with Patty’s Day people.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!


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