Best Sunday Brunch Spots in Miami – Swimwear Probably Not Allowed

Brunch. We love it and can’t live without it. Breakfast will always be my favorite meal of the day, so when there is a meal like brunch which allows me to sleep in, drink unlimited mimosas, and eat all of my favorite foods, how can I not celebrate it every weekend? (Sidenote: I don’t, but I really wish I could. My bikini doesn’t allow it). Granted, it may not be the best meal to scarf down and immediately hop into my swimwear afterwards, but it’s more of a meal to gather with friends and discuss just what exactly happened the night before.

Miami has some fabulous brunch spots that you may or may not have discovered yet. Because brunch has become such a trendy meal, restaurants are incorporating brand new menus to specifically revolve around this new breakfast craze. We came up with an extensive list of our favorite brunch spots in Miami so that you can dive into such delectable dishes as chicken and waffles, cookies n cream french toast, and Captain Crunch pancakes.

The Federal

This modern American tavern draws inspiration from the regional Americas and classic Americana preparations. The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions, seeks to serve the neighborhood as a meeting point where people can congregate and enjoy their favorite comfort food classics albeit with an timely twist.

Cheerful planters, hanging garden lights and audible tunes hearkening back to the decades of yore set the mood and transport diners to a time when Jerry Lewis was the cat’s meow, Tom & Jerry brought both children and adults to tears, and Betty Paige was in every young man’s thoughts. Their menu is a creative culmination of savory bites and unique ingredient combinations. Bloody Mary’s galore, treat yourself to a meal full of flavor and fun.



That’s right, we did mention chicken and waffles. Apparently, Morgan’s is the brunch place to get an appetizing portion of both, together, on the same plate, drenched in syrup. With an overflowing amount of mimosas and homemade sticky buns, YES HOMEMADE STICKY BUNS!! The thing about Morgan’s is that it doesn’t just have breakfast items. Because in reality, brunch really means two things, mixing breakfast and lunch, right? Indeed. So when you throw in some unique menu items like beet and goat cheese tacos, or the Frenchman sandwich (fried eggs, arugula, ham, boursin cheese), you have an amalgam of items to fulfill whicever meal palate you’d like.


Eating House

Giorgio Rapicavoli, the first Miamian to take the top spot on Food Network’s Chopped, used some of his prize money to launch a pop-up with childhood friend Alex Cassanova last winter. It started as a pop-up shop, showcasing their funky flavors for a limited time only, but became so popular, they needed to open up a stationary place. 

So, Captain Crunch pancakes, right? It’s a fantasy come true. The thing about Eating House, is that it quickly rose the ranks of one of the top spots in Miami to eat, plain and simple. Located along 8th street, you need to make sure to arrive early for brunch, as they don’t take reservations and there usually is a line out the door. Some tips when ordering – Tang mimosas to start, and the candied applewood smoked bacon hits every bacon spot you may have.


Greenstreet Cafe

GreenStreet Cafe Lounge and Restaurant, Coconut Grove’s premier “seen and be seen” restaurant was founded 24 years ago, by husband and wife team, Sylvano and Maida Bignon. Throughout the years, their European background has influenced them to make their place evolve into a “Lifestyle” , a friendly atmosphere, a meeting place at any time of day or night, illustrated by a large sign on a mirror saying ” Where There is Love, there is Life”! It is rare not to encounter athletes, local politicians, artists or simply thousands of locals enjoying just that, life at GreenStreet. Breakfast is a must, but so is lunch, dinner and late night as it is GreenStreet’s philosophy to always serve good food. The laughter is easy, the place feels good, this is a great scene.

In all honesty, this place takes the cake for…well….best pancakes in Miami.

Blue Collar

Practically brand new and, Blue Collar is a small restaurant located in the historic MIMO district of Miami. They serve food that people like to eat, which really is us in a nutshell. Their menu includes a daily rotation of braised dishes, parmeseans, ribs and an unprecedented variety of vegetables. They keep it real casual around there and do their best to provide exceptional food and service. Their mission statement is to make you feel like you are one of their close personal friends. A couple things we suggest you order: the pulled pork eggs benedict, the grilled asparagus, and the bananas foster brioche french toast. Really whenever you have french toast and brioche in the same general area, you can count us in.

Have a few more brunch spots worth mentioning? Share in the comments below. Or let us know when you’ll be there and hey, maybe we’ll join. Oh and if you find a brunch spot that includes rockin’ that sexy swimwear, then of course you can count us in.

Ana Lopez

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