Best Swimsuit Trends for 2018

Once upon a time the year 2018 seemed to be miles away, well it’s finally here and it is loaded with amazing new swimwear styles for everyone. We’ve lined up the most outstanding  2018 swimwear trends so you can keep up with some of your 2018 resolutions of switching up your style. I know one of my new year’s resolutions is being more fashion conscious and finding pieces that are flattering for my body type. If you’re in need of some insight on how to find the right piece for your body type take a look at our previous blog. We’d like to think of these trends as the friendliest for all body types, some of them are more edgy than others but you most certainly will find something that goes with your style:

Straps, straps and more straps
Whether they’re on the top, the bottom, in front, on the back or on the sides, straps are everywhere this year. I know you’re probably thinking straps are unflattering when you’re carrying a little extra holiday weight but it’s really all about deciding where you want the straps to be. Strappy backs are a good choice for those who don’t want to emphasize heavier areas on your thighs or on your chest area. Brands like Mar de Rosas and OndadeMar are in on the strappy bandwagon and we couldn’t be happier. We’re always down for showing some skin and straps are the perfect way to do the trick if you’re not as comfortable as Miley Cyrus when it comes down to how revealing you want to be.



Vivid Solids
Everyone needs a solid piece on their beach wardrobe, there’s just something about a good solid that is just timeless and effortless. You know you can’t go wrong with solid bikini and if it’s in a bright and vivid hue you won’t feel boring. Investing in a solid bikini is a great decision; you know it will not be out of style anytime soon. Plus we all have those days when we just don’t feel like using printed pieces it’s just not flattering for all of us. Vitamin A is killing it with this season’s swimwear with amazing pieces in blue and yellow. Maylama has got you covered when it comes to yellow, red and navy blue adding just the right pop of color.


Fringe Obsession
It’s no secret that fringe is everywhere and when it comes to swimwear it’s not the exception. Fringe details are the norm in tops and cover ups. What we love about it: it adds movement to your pieces without adding volume; no one wants to look heavier while carrying the holiday extra weight. It’s one of those trends that adds style and edginess without being too over the top. We’ve all got a little of Pocahontas inside us and it’s time to show it.


Comfortably seamless
We all want to be comfy but we’re willing to sacrifice this just to look a bit more stylish. We wish we could go to the beach in sweatpants but that’s not pretty is it? Well we’ve got news for you and you’ll like it: seamless swimwear is comfort heaven. Smoother and lightweight fabrics blend nicely with your skin and help avoid discomfort from stitches. But don’t worry this does not mean you will be looking underdressed or sloppy, the seamless trend is just effortless chic.


Ana Lopez

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