Betsey Johnson living it up at her birthday bash!

Happy birthday dear Betsey, happy birthday to you! Betsey Johnson turned 68 on August 10 and is not afraid to celebrate her age. Betsey arrived to her pompous party in style — seems like a black limo and red carpet wouldn’t cut it for this designer! She rolled up Elle Woods style in a pink stretch limo and walked out onto a pink carpet. Inside was decorated with a pink and yellow flower theme. Everything from the balloons, to the flower-topped cupcakes, to the table cloth on the DJ table looked effortlessly chic, just like Betsey Johnson’s swimwear line.

A sneak peak at Betsey Johnson 2011

Betsey’s whimsical party definitely highlights the fact that this designer marches to the beat of her own drum. She does cartwheels in fashion shows and wore a tutu-inspired dress long past the age of 6. Her birthday celebration reminds us how excited we are for the Betsey Johnson Swimwear 2011 collection. We got our first look of this line during Miami Fashion Week a few weeks ago and Betsey Johnson did not disappoint. We look forward to sharing this line with you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, insiders!

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