Do you ever wake up and wonder, what is like to be Beyoncé? What would my day consist of if I could sing, dance, act, perform like a rockstar, be a wife, be loved by millions, be a style icon, and just all around be amazing? I think about this everyday but unfortunately, it leads to nothing because I can do none of the above (I took a few dance classes here and there and I like to believe I’m a style icon though…).

Nonetheless, waking up and actually being Beyoncé, probably even being her arm, is most likely amazing. Need proof? Recently, Beyoncé and mama Beyoncé took a little shopping trip in London to Topshop and Selfridge’s. Normal right? Nope, not when you’re Beyoncé. Two typical stores that normal folk like you and I shop at were invaded by the entertainer where she dropped over $14,000. And on top of that, the actress spent this $14,000 in less than two hours. A fellow shopper stated: “It was like that shopping scene out of Pretty Woman. Everyone was gobsmacked at the speed she was choosing clothes.”

I’m jealous.

And while she was spending these thousands of dollars, she of course looked amazing (this is where being a style icon comes into play). The actress wore her hair big and curly, with huge sunglasses, and a bright orange shirt dress. The orange color looked incredible on her skin tone, and it matched a pair of shoes she looked at while shopping. If you’re inspired by the color Bey wore on her lavish shopping trip – let’s be honest, if she wore a trash bag we would still be inspired – we have a similar look to rock when out at the beach.

The Susana Bandeau Bikini by OndadeMar Swimwear is the perfect option when looking for a bright color this swim season and if you’re budget is a little less than $14,000. The bandeau style bikini has lace-up detail in the front and the bottom provides moderate coverage in the rear.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll look as stunning as Bey always does, we can guarantee you’ll look your best! (Did that cheer you up any?)


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