Whether you’re a mother yourself, looking towards motherhood, or beyond your children’s baby years, we all can appreciate the post-baby weight loss battle. It’s certainly tougher for some, but celebrities aren’t immune to pregnancy weight gain and cravings. As we take a look at these celebrities post-baby bikini bodies we’ll find out what they consider their secrets to success.

Kourtney Kardashian

The 31-year old mom to adorable Mason says that she didn’t jump straight to losing her baby weight after Mason’s birth. The reality show starlet says she had no cravings during her pregnancy but craved sweets while breastfeeding. Kourtney’s post-baby body trick was simple: getting back to the gym. She says her favorite workout is a brisk run but she often sticks to the elliptical. Kourtney was able to lose her pregnancy weight gain and enjoys sporting a hot orange string bikini in Bora Bora.  Kourtney just announced she is expecting again!

Miranda Kerr

This runway model is certainly not camera shy and we’re sure she felt pressure to lose her baby weight quickly to get back to her career. Miranda’s unique baby weight-loss secret is a blood type diet. The model is blood type A and sticks to eating specific foods for her blood type. She also boasts little meat and fresh produce for her daily routine. Miranda’s slim down was healthy and not rushed; she boasts her bikini body only six months after the birth of son Flynn in a sexy black bikini.

Bethenny Frankel

This celebrity food chef and reality star also had her pregnancy aired for the world to see and is the happy mother to baby Bryn. While Bethenny may know a little more than most about nutrition and how to make healthy taste great, she too had to battle baby weight gain. The reality star’s dramatic weight loss of 30 pounds in only three weeks after birth was given much scrutiny, but she sticks by her words that she didn’t crash diet but rather ate healthy through her entire pregnancy. Bethenny lost her baby weight but opts for a chic one piece swimsuit with ruching across the bodice, a great way to hide any stubborn weight.

Some post-baby swimsuit tips include choosing a swimsuit with embellishment; the embellishment will guide the eye toward that particular part of the body, so pick an embellishment that flatters your favorite asset. Also, try a monokini if you’re still working on the last pesky pounds in your stomach area; monokini one pieces are sweet and sexy while providing a little more coverage than a bikini. And last but not least, ruching is your new best friend; just like Bethenny chose, ruching is an excellent option for hiding some extra curves you wish weren’t there.

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