Sea Side Pinup Navy
Sea Side Pinup Navy by Lady Lux Swimwear

There’s always a jerk out there who decided to lie, cheat, or manipulate our zen-like existence. But in a world filled with fabulous, beautiful, intelligent gals, there’s really no time to cry over it. All the more motivation to get looking the way we’ve been wanting. How do we do that, might we ask? Well, just follow these four simple steps:

1. Wax everything – We mean it. All the hair a woman really needs is on her eyebrows & scalp. That’s it. The rest doesn’t need to be there.

2. Eat Healthy – Rather than starving yourself or going on a crazy diet where you deny yourself essential nutrients, eat healthy. Meaning: little-to-no fast food, more salads, fruit, vegetables, and well-balanced meals. If you deprive yourself of essential nutrients you are more likely to fall into temptation and go on a binge later because your body craves more of what it is not getting. And then you’ll feel like a full-size FedEx truck when you see your ex with his new flavor of the month.

3. Exercise rigorously – Consistency is key, having the discipline to get up in the morning, and also balancing out the number of hours spent exercising. 20-60 minutes of cardio mixed with a little weight training may make a huge difference.

4. Get a bikini – This is the last and most rewarding step toward getting back at your ex. A fabulous bikini that fits your body type will do the trick. Have you ever seen a dog drooling over a piece of bacon? Try a dog that already knows that’s a piece of bacon he let go and now can’t have! There are several bikinis that are worthy of wearing into that pool party and giving him the figurative finger in your new spankin’ body.

Doing these things will help you increase your self-confidence (who doesn’t feel good when they’re hot?), and probably find a better, less-jerky boyfriend.

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