One of my favorite shows of all time is America’s Next Top Model. I have literally seen every episode of the 9844353 seasons they’ve had, and am ecstatic about the all-star season coming up this year (don’t judge me)! With ANTM you really get to know a lot about Tyra, as she is very open and forthcoming. Recently, she started a new fashion and beauty website with lots of fashion and model information that’s useful to all women.

In an installment of Fa-fa-fa Fashion, her and editor Andre Leon Talley discuss how to make a designer bikini look great for your shape. She gives amazing tips helpful for your next bikini shopping trip. Some of the key points she hits on:

• If you have a pooch in the front, head over to the maternity section to purchase a bikini. Those swimsuits have rouching and certain detailing that hide any problem areas.

One piece swimsuits ARE sexy. People get the idea that you can only be sexy in a two piece bikini. With monokinis being so popular these days, one piece swimsuits are definitely make their comeback.

• One pieces also allow the “slimming effect” when color blocking is involved. Having a dark color along the outside of the swimsuit allows for a more slimming look, while a lighter color on the outside of a one piece gives the illusion of a more voluptuous appeal.

• If you missed the line when God was handing out big boobs during creation (as I did), opting for a swimsuit top with ruffles will make your chest look bigger.

To see the full video, check it out below:

The Little Black Dress — powered by
p.s. – That green suit she has on in the right pic is a Vix Swimwear piece, get it here.


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