At times it’s hard to believe that nearly everywhere else in the country, temperatures plummet and this little thing they call “winter” actually exists. Here in Miami, it remains in the 70’s, making it still the perfect weather to rock your latest swimsuit. Everyone up north busts out their gloves and shovel while we bust out our 2014 L*Space. Yet, we aren’t the only bloggers boasting bikinis lately. Check out some of our favorite fashion bloggers rocking their swimwear right.

The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni, notorious for her fashion and lifestyle blog The Blonde Salad, was recently in Yucatan posting pictures galore and we couldn’t be more thrilled to peruse. Our favorite photo is of Ms. Ferragni crushing it in a pink high-waisted number. High-waisted bikinis have been a consistent trend in swim fashion, and with good reason. The vintage look paired with bright, modern colors make this trend a staple for 2014. Check out our latest high-waisted swimwear and shop a similar style today.

Song of Style

This fashion and interior design blog written by Aimee Song is a great guide for what’s hot in the day-to-day fashion scene. So why not take a page out of Ms. Song’s book when it comes to swimwear? Our favorite photo from Song of Style in 2013 was taken in Aruba with Aimee donning a green bikini. The colorblock bow on the bikini bottom is going to be the trend of the season. Check out a similar look from 2014 Orchid Label.

Nany’s Klozet

One of our favorite fashion bloggers is Miami-based author of Nany’s Klozet, Daniela Ramirez. Always repping fashionably fresh looks in her lookbook, Ms. Ramirez most recently sported none other than Orchid Boutique favorite, Maaji Swimwear. Thanks to Daniela, we can see why the Maaji Charming Pirate bikini is a fan favorite this year.

Glam For You

Nati Vozza of international fashion blog Glam For You, has always been a friend of the Orchid Boutique. Her looks are inspired and fresh and Nati makes it effortless and fun to follow her blog. One of our favorite pictures from Glam For You this year is Ms. Vozza kicking back in an animal print bikini. We love animal print, because honestly, what’s not to love? Check out a similar look to Nati’s in Pily Q’s Raja Triangle.

Capture Fashion

Another one of our favorites on the Miami fashion scene is local blogger, Amanda Del Duca. Known for some of the freshest fashion photo shoots we’ve seen, Ms. Del Duca killed it most recently rocking new 2014 Vitamin A. This same style was worn by Miranda Kerr a month or so ago on the cover of Self magazine. While we can play a nice game of “Who Wore It Better” I think Amanda’s collection of photos makes it an easy choice. Check out the 2014 Vitamin A collection.



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