Brazilian vs moderate coverage: Your Bum in a Swimsuit

Not a lot of people know that luxury swimwear comes in different rear styles: full, moderate, and brazilian cut. Full coverage, or American cut, in essence “covers” the entire rear. Then there’s the moderate coverage, which is the coveted style in luxury swimwear. And finally, there’s the sexy Brazilian cut, which is a narrow cut with the least amount of coverage (though it is NOT a thong).

Below please find the lowdown and recommendations for each:

Full coverage Full coverage bottoms basically go from cheek to cheek. It is a modest cut for women who like to have their hineys under wraps. Brands such as OndaDeMar, Estivo and Maylana create swimsuit using this cut. 

Kara Studio 54 Bottom with full cut coverage by Maylana

Moderate coverage Moderate or European cut refers to a rear style in between Brazilian and American. It is a modest but sexy cut that shows a tad bit of cheek but not too much. Designers such as Touche, and Malai offer this type of coverage.

Posh Hipster Bottom with moderate cut coverage by Touché

Brazilian cutBrazilian cut bikinis provide the narrowest amount of coverage and show half or ¾ of the cheeks, but they are not strings or thongs by any means. Brazilian cut bikinis are sexy and definite head turners. We adore them, but they are for the bold fashionistas. 

Sophia Skyflower Bikini with Brazilian cut coverage by Agua Bendita

A lot of swimsuit designers offer two or more of these coverage styles so if you have your eye on a swimsuit and would like to find out if it is available in the rear cut you want, check the product description. You may also check the item’s Size Chart to see if that cut is offered by the product’s brand.

Jaime Olaya

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