Catching a good movie is one of our favorite past times, well besides going to the beach (duh!). We enjoy a movie even more so when a majority of the scenes are shot on a beach, near a beach, or are beach inspired. The scenery is usually beautiful, everyone is a little happier, and you have actresses looking knockdown gorgeous in fabulous swimwear.

One of our recent favs is Just Go With It featuring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Brooklyn Decker. The movie is set in Hawaii where Adam Sandler’s character convinces his assistant (Jennifer Aniston) to play his soon to be ex-wife, to cover up a lie he told his current girlfriend (Brooklyn Decker).

The comedy has a lot of absolutely hilarious moments and a lot of “awwww” moments as well. However, although we enjoy those moments, we’re more interested in the swimwear. Brooklyn Decker looks HOT in that yellow bikini she’s so famously seen in during the trailer (we have a serious girl crush so of course we were looking). But since we stalk all aspects of fashion, we noticed something even further than that great yellow swimsuit.

In one of the scene’s, Brooklyn is at dinner with another character who rescues a sheep from near death. In the scene she is wearing an all too familiar dress. We literally gasped when we saw it, then immediately KNEW we had to relay the message to our loyal Swim Couture readers. The dress? The Honeysuckle Strapless Dress by Nanette Lepore. Look familiar? Well, we have the Honeysuckle One-piece AND the Honeysuckle Vixen Bikini (also featured in People StyleWatch magazine!); same print, same designer, different usage. It’s safe to say the Honeysuckle print by Nanette Lepore is #winning.

The floral print is adorable for the summer and both styles are currently marked down! Hop on the Honeysuckle bandwagon because there might not be any room soon enough

Honeysuckle One-Piece
Honeysuckle Vixen Bikini


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