Betsey Johnson Swimwear It is no secret that black is the primary color during Halloween… the dark allure of it lends itself to the scary theme. If you’re planning on showing up to your Halloween party in a bikini (hey, why not!), the new Betsey Johnson Swimwear might suit you quite well.  The “Ladies and Gentlemen” group featuring all black swimsuits debuts in October precisely for this reason.  This Betsey group features velvety brush detail on top of an all black texture fabric. The detailing in the dimensional velour is quite soft upon touch, and the sophisticated feel makes it versatile for a number of occasions.

What we love about Betsey Johnson is the variety that they bring to each storyline, with options for underwire tops, swimsuit halters, and the dress cover-ups. We can see ourselves in a cat costume with one of these Betsey Johnson bikinis. Just add some cat ears and a tail, perhaps some black boots, and voilá.

The best part? If you’re going to a foam party or planning on jumping into a pool, you’re already dressed for the part!


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