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Alright, so it may not be super conducive to fitting into your one piece swimsuit, but one day won’t kill you because it’s freaking NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY! Do you know what this means? That IHOP gives you free stacks of pancakes (HURRY… from 7am-10pm). What this also means is that you can experience one of the greatest joys of life later…..having breakfast for dinner. If you’re like me and you love breakfast (and brunch), then having pancakes for dinner is like the holy grail of all meals.

I’ve come up with a list of some badass pancake recipes so that you can celebrate National Pancake Day in style. Ditch the boring buttermilk and say hello to these….

Birthday Cake Pancakes



Are you kidding me? Combining birthday cake and pancakes?! I’m just going to put this out there, my birthday is April 16th, if you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy writing it, you can gift me birthday pancakes. I’m totally serious.

Get this recipe here.

Iced Blueberry Crumble Pancakes



Whenever you add the word “crumble” to any recipe, I’m immediately intrigued. So for this recipe the “crumble” means adding vanilla granola. YUM.

Make these bad boys tonight.

Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes



I love oatmeal. I love cookies. I love pancakes. So the trifecta of ideas are there. I’m sure if you whip these up with some real Vermont Maple syrup it’ll be a wrap.

Make these pancakes soon.

Sweet Potato Pancakes



These really are my favorite pancakes. Of all time. When made properly, I can eat them for days.

Check out this recipe. Oh and don’t forget the Honey-Cinnamon butter.

Happy National Pancake Day everyone!


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