I recently took my happy hour urges to one of Miami’s hippest areas, also known as Wynwood. I was joining a couple of friends for a birthday at Cafeina Wynwood Lounge. It was my first time there which is silly because it’s been open for quite some time now.

The place is gorgeous. The décor and dim lighting has the vibe of a bachelor’s living room… not that I’m in those a lot! I took a seat on their large couch and made the hardest decision of my day: my happy hour order. The happy hour menu is small but has good choices. For $5 you can order a delicious tapa and wash it down with an alcoholic beverage that costs no more than $7. I recommend the empanadas, beef or chicken it makes no difference. They were both fire. (If my boss was reading this she’d ask me what fire meant – awesome, cool, great. Anything positive, really.)

Once my friends and I filled ourselves with food we decided to take a stroll around the place. In the back of Cafeina they have a mini gallery for you to peruse. I was immediately drawn to paintings that I swore were photographs of people shaking their heads in different directions. Mind. Blown. Check out the head banger in the top, right corner.

In their outdoor area they added new art for this year’s Art Basel. The entire wall (it’s huge) is covered with a wall paper full of vibrant colors. I was digging the Chinese woman with the floral dress in the corner. What can I say, I like her style.




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