Wouldn’t it be nice to win a free bikini, especially with summer right around the corner? We thought so, too. That’s why for the next few weeks we’ll be giving bikinis away to THE BEST Beach Selfies around. One bikini per week until March 31st. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

The rules are simple for the Best Beach Selfie Contest. Entrants are eligible to win a free bikini of their choice (OF THEIR CHOICE!) by following a few easy rules. So here goes, pay close attention.

1) You MUST follow us on Instagram. Takes only about, hmm…..two seconds to click that follow button. Our handle is @orchidbtq.

2) Post a picture of your best beach selfie. Be it alone on the sandy shores of Miami, or with a group of gals on Spring Break, whichever you’d like. Make it fun, make it interesting!

3) Mention @orchidbtq in the photo and use the hashtag #bestbeachselfie. If you feel like going the extra mile TAG & MENTION. Boom, upped your chances.

Easy enough, yeah?

Like we said, the contest ends March 31st, and a new winner will be chosen every week. So get ready to give us your best beach selfie and we’ll see you at the finish line

Take a look at a few of our favorite beach selfies from the past few months of some gals rocking their fave Orchid Boutique styles:

Orchid boutique swimwear

  Orchid Boutique SwimwearOrchid Boutique swimwearOrchid Boutique Swimwear

Happy posting!


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